Da Bahamian Ting

Given that one of the main goals of starting Bahamas Entertainment was to help promote our local talent and take the #242totheworld, it seems only logical that we’d want to share this fantastic contest sponsored by “The Islands of The Bahamas“, whose mission is to prove that #ItsBetterInTheBahamas. We’d love to cover more on this contest and its participants in a timely manner, so we’d love to publish submissions from any of our readers who wish to have their name in print. If you’d like to write an article for Bahamas Entertainment, email jklmedia242@gmail.com and let us know what you can do! Help us get the word out about Da Bahamian Ting Song Contest and be sure to vote for your favourite song!

Here is a snippet from the voting page to give you an idea of what the contest is all about: “The “Da Bahamian Ting” Song Competition attracted 138 submissions from across the country. Arlene Nash-Ferguson, director of Culture, Heritage and Entertainment in the Ministry of Tourism, said the level of interest in the competition was amazing.

‘We want Bahamian music on the map. We want The Bahamas saturated with our own music. We believe that if we are world class in track and field then surely, we can be world class in Bahamian music,’ she said.

According to the rules, songs must be in a Bahamian genre, Rake N Scrape, Goombay or Junkanoo, and around three minutes long.

The winner of the ‘Da Bahamian Ting’ Song Competition will receive $25,000 with second place taking $20,000, third place $15,000, fourth place $10,000 and fifth through 10th $1,000 each.”

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