2 Stones

The best interviews are those that just fall in your lap! I happened to be on set filming the upcoming SawyerBoy TV show with JKL Media, and Leon Darryl and O’Brian Hutchinson of 2 Stones were making special guest appearances! While they were on a break, I made sure to snag an opportunity to talk to this hot new band!

If you’ve somehow missed his recent work, you may recognize Leon Darryl from his days rapping as ATMoney -if you don’t he’ll tell you you should . Whereas Obie is newer to the scene, this will be Leon’s 10th year as a professional artist. “I’ve had gigs abroad. I was in New Orleans for the NBA All Star game in 2013. I was able to perform…my own song called Highway – it was a hit record that got me to another stage…it was a great experience.”

Despite being an experienced artist, Darryl has an open mind about his music and is always looking for a fresh sound. While working together at Prime Time Lounge at the beginning of 2014, he says, “I heard [Obie] singing from behind the bar, and being in the game already, I saw his talent. I knew right then I wanted to collaborate with him. In the studio, we ended up with song after song after song. Once the vibe was there, we decided we might as well go as a group and take each other up to the top instead of just competing.”

Obie says, “Leon pushed me to do music. I always wanted to do music, but I never had the motivation.” He used to listen to his mother singing R&B, and so he’d just sing around home; however he didn’t discover his passion for rap until recently.  “We’d have karaoke at work and put on some instrumentals… we’d put on reggae or rap. One day we recorded a video of a reggae version we did, and it received good feedback on Facebook.” The rest is history.

Check out 2 Stones on an upcoming #SAAF (Support an Artist Friday)

I had to ask about the group’s name, and both men blurted out almost in unison: “2 stones is somewhat a metaphor… you know how people say ‘you can kill 2 birds with one stone?’ With us, together, we can take on the whole music industry. We’re individual artists with our own innovative abilities. We come from The Bahamas – ‘a Rock’.” They chuckled: “Hashtag: FromNassautotheWorld.”

Leon produces all of their music and does the engineering in his home studio. He tracks his music through BMI, but is currently still an unsigned artist. With Leon handling the technical aspects, Obie can capitalize on his great writing, smooth voice, and would-be thirst trap looks.  2 Stones uses original beats from Kiny – recognizable from the slogan heard in his music, “Dam Kiny”.

Keeping up with what’s fresh on the scene is key to making sure 2 Stones produces fresh tracks. Obie’s local influences include Devo, Ducky MrPoetry, and his group-mate Leon Darryl, but on an international scale, he looks up to 2 Chainz and Big Sean. Leon, on the other hand, says, “I have to give props to the people who came before me. Artists like Porter the Poet, Bino, G5, Jay Z, 50 Cent, I’m influenced by the moguls… to be honest, Drake and Future are smashing sh!t right now…Travis Scott is starting to get back in the game…”

After the cast of the Sawyerboy show came back after filming, Tebby and Johnna egged the guys on to rap. Obie spit a few solid lines, but claimed that he’s more of a writer than a freestyler. Leon felt a little on the spot until someone played a beat and he just rolled with it. Once he got in the zone, he had bars on bars! He says once you get him going, he could go on forever, and it’s easy to see that’s the case!

Despite the fact that Leon says, “there’s not enough of a [Bahamian] market – especially for hip-hop, 2 Stones is going to do what they can to make their music known locally and internationally. They think it’s frustrating to see how many so-called artists aren’t serious about music. “It’s kind of confusing because you don’t know what’s what,” Leon grumbled. “I won’t cry about radio play though, because you have to bring the radio to yourself”.

As for what 2017 will bring for 2 Stones:  videos to go along with their 8 track mixtape called 3 sides of the story. That encompasses Leon, Obie and their beatmaker Kiny. They already have a video called Mind Right on Youtube: technically a Leon Darryl song that features Obie on the hook, but together, 2 Stones will be putting out a solid collection of tunes throughout the year.


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