Make Way for Marvay

During the December 10th Ja Rule and Friends Hurricane  Relief Concert at the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium, I had the pleasure of meeting Damian Marvay. He was eagerly awaiting his stage performance so that he could enjoy the delicious spread of food in the green room afterward, and I made a corny joke about the fact that he needn’t worry about it taking too long, since Ja Rule and Ashanti are “Always on Time“. Fortunately, instead of rolling his eyes, he agreed to to tell Bahamas Entertainment readers a bit about his life and career!

The last two years have seen Marvay climbing the soca success ladder, but he was previously known for his soul, reggae and R&B.

Marvay joined the performance team after being called, along with Farmer Nappy, to perform at the hurricane relief concert. Firstly, he was excited to be specifically sought after to perform at a concert with Ja Rule and Ashanti, but secondly, he was happy for the opportunity to travel to Nassau: “I appreciate being in the Bahamas right now for the first time ever in life!” Having dated a Bahamian woman during university, he was well aware of Junkanoo and its distinct sound. While on stage, he made the crowd roar by stirring up Valley Boys and Saxons alike! The only downside of his trip was that it didn’t correspond with a rush out!

hurricane-relief-concertThe Bajan performer says that when people as him how long he’s been in music, it’s akin to being asked,”How long have you been breathing oxygen?” Although he’s been forever passionate about music, professionally he’s been ‘doing music’ for about 10 years. “It’s been a labour of love. [Previously,] I studied aviation science and flight at Florida Institute of Technology. I was going in the route that most parents of children in Barbados would prefer for younger children to go into, because before Rihanna, it was ‘a waste of time’. But I think now, the prospect of being successful is more palatable  to the audience in Barbados because… we have something called ‘Rihanna’!”

Although Marvay has met the superstar,  they’re not close friends or anything of the sort. He does, however, credit her with inspiring Bajans to believe that they, too, can make it in the music world.

“I never forget – and I don’t think she ever forgets – that we’re from Barbados. We’re 15 x 10 miles 270, 000 people. We don’t have 699 other islands, like here in The Bahamas. I appreciate her opening up the world to the talent of our island”.

Marvay during an interview with Chuck Creekmur of

As for Marvay’s own success, “Know the Face” is the song he’s currently pushing, but he’s also proud of “Vibrate”, and “Tomorrow”which he recorded on a recent trip to Trinidad. He’s also well-known for the introductory song of last year: “Survive the Weekend”.

The charismatic Marvay didn’t have a lot of time to chat before he hit the stage, so he simply wanted to make sure that our readers came away with this message: “Bahamas, I just want to say: Already, I can tell you all love good music and a good time, and I love y’all. I appreciate y’all looking in my direction to invite me here. Keep inviting me, and we’ll keep meeting up and having more conversation. Thank you, Bahamas. Keep musically linking!”

Featured image by: DNewton Photography

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