Clay Adderley, otherwise known as Qpid, is trying to pop up the cultural sound of The Bahamas. He currently travels a lot with his Rake and Scrape music, and is one of the top artists on the local scene. He’s not attached to a band; which he loves because he gets a different vibe from every band, and as a result, learns to sing along with their strengths. He’s worked with a number of groups including The Falcons, Spank Band, Synergy Band in Hatchet Bay, and Tarpum Bay’s Blue Connection.

qpid2If you’ve lived in The Bahamas for a while, you’ve almost certainly heard his original hits: “Bus Driver”; DEA (Drink Every Afternoon); Stupid ‘Visor;  or “Obeah in da Cat” ( A song, he laughs, about a guy who wants to leave his woman but “it’s” so sweet that he feels like she’s tricking him with black magic).

One of his more recent projects was “We are da Vibes”, the theme song for Rhythms Bahamas. Qpid says, “I was able to infuse our cultural sound with pop soca to create something different”. A Nassauvian with Long Island roots, Qpid uses a lot of Bahamian jargon to relate to the average local guy, however, he’s also accustomed to working with international talent.

qpid3Although music is his passion, he’s a budding entrepreneur. We won’t mention his business here, because you’ll soon see him pitching his idea on The Boardroom which will be launching soon on Cable Bahamas. When asked how he would sum up his musical persona, he says: “I’m like a different person[when not performing]… night and day. Qpid is a beast! Qpid is the side of me that’s outgoing”.  It’s clear that he believes in his country and in giving back to his community. Despite graduating from Government High School ‘more than a few years ago’, his music teacher, Yonell Justilien still calls him in to work with music students.

Hear his tunes for yourself on Soundcloud, or see him performing live at Clifford Park on Saturday, November 26, 2016, along with many other fabulous entertainers (including Tebby and Bodine) at Aliv’s FREE concert! Furthermore, he’ll be playing at an All-Bahamian Music Celebration on December 2. Follow him on social media for more details.

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