The Boardroom

Ever thought of starting your own business but weren’t sure where to begin? Or maybe you have your plan together but you’re lacking in the funds department… Whatever the case may be – aspiring artist or seasoned shop owner – I bet you’d be interested in reality television that pits judges (with tight grips on their purse strings) against young Bahamian business owners! Whichever type of show typically tickles your fancy,  it’s time to make room in your t.v. schedule for a hot new series set to hit the Bahamian network this fall.

The Boardroom is a reality show which asks entrepreneurs to pitch their idea to panel of judges, request funding, and then dish about how the final judgment makes them feel.  The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture held a 14 week program to provide business skills training to young people participating in the program.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 marked the official launch of The Boardroom. Hosts, participants, and supporters of the show gathered at the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture (MYSC)  while Senior Youth Officer, Monique Wilchcombe, and  Director of Youth, Darron Turnquest, took to the podium to commend The Boardroom for being a project created “by youth; for youth”. Watch the teaser for a taste of the awesome series produced by JKL Media, and click on the following links to learn more about entrepreneurship in The Bahamas.

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