You are such a beautiful person, inside and out! I love your story! Diversity is awesome… I look forward to the day when the majority recognises beauty in all shades. I think you’ll like this song that Jay Isaacs recently produced:

*Nakedly Me*

The audacity to be this black and be happy, the audacity to be this black and comfortable, the audacity to be this black and living. Yet, it is this very blackness that should have chained me that gives me the freedom to be me.

I turn 22 this year and never have the words young, gifted and black meant as much to me as they do now. Earlier in my life, being black, this black , was a burden. I was the darkest kid in schools, at church, in my family and many made it their task to ensure that I never forgot this. To them it was a curse, the worst thing that a person could be and for many years my mother had to tell me that black was beautiful. Mothers were supposed to say that to you, so while it was appreciated, it carried very little weight…

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