Beauty Spotlight: A Queen’s Journey

Born and raised in Nassau, Pischia Adderley has been a dancer for the last 17 years, and started working professionally about 8 years ago. With a degree in broadcast journalism, she has plans to end up in television or radio, but for now, she is happily employed as the Marketing and Promotion Hostess at Aura nightclub at Atlantis. Outside of those professional aspirations, her personal dream is to be a dancer.

snapped-4864Since beginning her dance instruction at age five, Pischia has both trained and taught at a number of studios in Nassau, including Yodephy, the National Dance School, and her “alma mater” Bahamas Dance Theatre. With an aunt who was a dancer and a Miss Bahamas contestant, as well, Pischia says, “It was always in my spirit. I would love to dance on Broadway – I love The Lion King”.

She’s done a number of shows at Atlantis and Sandals; has danced at the Florida Classics and Macy’s Day Parade, and has even performed with entertainers such as Ronnie Butler, Lil Mama, and Angelique Sabrina. Pischia has trained in all styles of dance, with the exception of ballroom, but especially loves jazz.

A fan of Soca music, Pischia is a member of the Junkanoo Carnival group, Enigma. This year’s Carnival theme is “seduction”, and Enigma is introducing their own line, called “Vanity”. While excitedly discussing May’s event, Pischia exclaims, “I can’t wait to get in my costume and get on the road! My aunt, Kayla Ward, designed the line which launches on February 12 at Mario’s”.

snapped-4947 copyDancing, unto itself, keeps this beauty in fine form, but she also does calisthenics to maintain the level of fitness required for aerial ballet and trapeze. She is grateful for all of the amazing experiences she’s had as a result of her dancing, as well as the incredible people she’s met along the way. She smiles, “At the end of the day, we can all help each other”.

“Eventually, maybe I’ll open up own performing arts centre. We have so much talent right here, but it’s not harnessed the way it should be. People don’t appreciate the arts as much here in Nassau, so it’s really hard. They want you to give your talent and time, but don’t want to pay for it”. If you are interested in hiring Pischia for any dancing, acting, or modelling gigs, you can contact her via social media. Follow Pischia on Facebook and Instagram to show your support for her dreams, as she journeys toward the Miss Bahamas stage.

Photographs by Jay Isaacs of JKL Media.

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