It’s Hotter in The Bahamas

Hot917_logo_with_tagline_colourWe say “everyone loves to be entertained,” but what does that really mean? I randomly posed this question on Facebook: “What are the first ideas that come to mind when you think of the word entertainment?” Expecting them to say: singers, actors, dancers, and comedians; instead, I received unexpected answers like fireworks, friends after a few drinks, and strippers.

10361443_10153047734315337_1329982682771909398_nI found it interesting that no one listed radio, because it is probably my number one source of entertainment… outside of social media. In particular (as you’ve probably figured out already from the not-so-subtle photos and logos all over the page) Hot 91.7.

I’ll be honest. I never used to listen to the radio. Once in a while if I was stuck in traffic and bored of my cd collection, sure. But still, I would just flip between stations until I found a song I could jam to.

12362954_928169073925727_8332374070368149555_oUntil the Morning Madhouse was recommended to me, I could count the number of times I’d listened to a morning show on one hand. But after tuning in and starting my day off with laughter once, I started to listen more habitually.

The Morning Madhouse team consists of King C-Note, Jay, and DJ CRX: all fun-loving individuals who poke fun at themselves, each other, and the world around them so that you can take your mind off of whatever stress is happening in your own life.

Though there are sections that you can expect at certain times and days, because it’s a live-show, you never know what you’re going to get. Between discussions of box-office hits, television shows (like Empire), upcoming musicians, and local news, there are random segments like Battle of the Sexes (quiz showdown), “sexy” singing of the birthday song, and even prank calls.

Some of my favourite segments are: “Bey, You Stupid” wherein they highlight cases of the zaniest behaviour around the world; “Doug Sawyer,”(named for C-Note’s late friend who actively stayed informed by reading the news) during which time the hosts discuss topics from the day’s Guardian newspaper, and the “Feel Good Story of the Day”, which speaks for itself. Oh… and did I mention the music? They’re a top-forty station, with a heavy urban lean. Solid tunes played throughout the day!

38951_1237433276392_548850_nWhenever I have the chance to tune in at 11 o’clock, I make a point of listening to “Free Your Mind” with The Natural Empress. It’s basically an airwave counselling session wherein callers discuss issues that are going on in their lives. The topics range from parental responsibilities to relationship advice, and everything in between. Thought-provoking, real, and always entertaining, Empress makes a real impact in the lives of everyday Bahamians with her sound advice.

If you need a dose of enthusiasm to get you through your afternoon commute, tune into Randy C. between 2-6, and if you need some hot beats to get your evening started right, JChris has you covered until 10.

If you enjoyed this shameless plug for my favourite radio station in the 242, please show them some love on social media! Click on the embedded links for more information.


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